About Mike

Thanks for taking the time to read my about page. My name is Mike. I’m married to my beautiful wife and I’m a father to three amazing boys!

I’ve been investing for 15+ years. I started as a value investor, using fundamentals to help determine what companies would experience the most growth. Then I started recognizing the patterns within the charts and went all in on technical analysis trading. Every chart across every market tells its own story. Understanding that story can give you a major upper hand in the market.

I stumbled into crypto shortly after Brad did. I hadn’t paid crypto much attention but when I saw the markets I knew that this was just the beginning. DeFi has so much potential. There are so many spaces within DeFi and the entire ecosystem is so huge. A large part of what we do at BreadBytes is research. We research protocols, utilities, trading strategies and all the other ways we all can grow our passive income with. I enjoy this and my hope is that you will find it helpful too.

DeFi is a revolution! It’s more than just investing. It’s about opening opportunities to individuals who never would’ve had a chance before. I recognize this and want to help spread the movement. If you feel like just another cog in the machine you’re not alone. We’re all in this together and the only way it’s going to change is if we change it.

Research. Develop. Grow. Never get comfortable. This is how you get ahead in life.