CEO & Founder

About Brad

Some of you may know me as TheBreadmaker. My name is Brad, and I am located in Austin, TX with my wife and 2 pups. I like to travel and see what this world has to offer, and I enjoy watching sports as I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan.

I started getting deep into the finance world about 12 years ago. I started very basic just trading some long term stocks, then I became a self taught technical analysis trader. I studied and learned technical analysis 4 hours per day for a full year before I had a solid grasp on the ins and outs of it. Since learning technical analysis, I have been a day trader, swing trader, option trader and long term trader in the stock market. Throughout this time I have been brought on as a technical analysis specialist to multiple business and provided consulting services to those businesses and their members.

Over the past 3-4 years I recognized the massive opportunity in the crypto space and have transitioned most of my trading and learning to crypto. Through this time I have grown my social media presence in this space and evaluated hundreds of projects, offered consulting and support to protocols and been an active trader in the crypto markets.

When trading on the stock side, myself and Mike came up with a few of our own technical trading indicators that helped identify trade opportunities within the market. We since have brought some of those over to crypto and made some tweaks for them to yield similar or better success than we saw with stocks. We now have created those strategies into trading bots to help others achieve passive income in this space.

With 10+ years of expertise in this field, I understand the importance of knowledge and education, I am here to help accelerate your growth and education so you can be an expert too.