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Hey guys, here’s a little more about me…
My name is Alexa. I’m originally from central NJ and currently living in Tucson AZ with my partner Kevin and my Rhodesian Ridgeback, PJ.  Outside of math I love traveling, trying new foods, binging my comfort shows or Netflix documentaries and all things related to music and dance.

I hold a B.S. in Mathematics of Finance and an M.S. in Pure and Applied Math both from Montclair State University.  I am currently working towards my PhD in Applied Math at the University of Arizona. Broadly, my math research interests include data-driven modeling, dynamical systems and interpretable machine learning. In layman’s terms, I use computational and statistical tools to find meaningful patterns in data which can help us better understand large amounts of data and make more informed decisions or predictions.

As an applied mathematician, I love to demonstrate the utility of math in all fields, which makes the growing use of mathematical tools in the DeFi space exciting.  I am passionate about making complex math ideas more accessible to everyone and changing our perception of who can and should do math.

Curious minds who are interested in more technical ideas about my research can check out my website here.


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