French Toast

French Toast is a trading bot that specializes in trading Bitcoin, employing advanced analytics and strategic market acumen to identify profitable opportunities.

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Trading Type:

Day/Swing Trading

Our French Toast algorithmic trading bot is based off custom technical analysis indicators we have created and perfected over the past 10 years. This bot is designed to capture momentum at low points within the intraday chart on Bitcoin.

This bot is a long/short strategy that historically takes 5-10 trades per month and typically trades last 1-7 days. Our custom technical analysis indicators were crafted to find oversold moments near intraday support and then capture and ride the upward momentum to a preset percentage based sell point. Our sell points are predefined by our team that has rigorously tested the strategy for over 6 months and identified the optimal percentage based sell performance.

Trading Limit: Uncapped
Max Leverage: 3x
Volatility Risk: Medium
Max Drawdown: 11.59%
*As of 4/4/23

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