BreadBots are our custom strategy crypto trading bots. These trading bots were built to help users trade confidently via our open and close trading signals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our trading bots? We got the answers for you.


What is a BreadBot?

BreadBots are algorithmic trading bots that are specifically designed by our team which has over 20 years of trading experience. We've created our own custom trading indicators that alert open and close trading signals based off of our custom formula.


How do I sign up for a BreadBot?

You can select which BreadBot you want to subscribe to via the above webpage. This will take you to our partners website to create an account and get started.


Where is the bot hosted?

Our trading bots are hosted on Astrabit is a company that we have partnered with that has a fully built out trading platform and fits the mission and values that we have here at BreadBytes.


How does the bot execute trades?

Once you have created an account with Astrabit, you will need to link your preferred exchange API with Astrabit. Once your exchange is linked, and you have subscribed to a BreadBot, the bot will send open and close trading signals to your exchange and your orders will be executed automatically.


What exchanges can I use the bot with?

The current available exchanges you can use to trade our BreadBots with are: BitGet, ByBit, Binance, BitFinex, OkX, Kucoin, Kraken, and BitMex.