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Gain access to the complete suite of BreadBytes strategies in a single priced bundle. This bundle gives you access to Cinnamon Toast, Short Bread, Cosmic Cupcake and Pure Bread strategies.

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Includes all 4 BreadBytes Trading Algorithms
Combined average of over 50 trades per month
Long/Short and Long Only Strategies
Several exclusive BreadBytes features included

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Day Trading

By subscribing to the Bread Basket bundle, you gain access to the complete suite of BreadBytes strategies. Upon subscribing you will receive access to our Cinnamon Toast (ETH Strategy), Cosmic Cupcake (ATOM Strategy) Short Bread (ETH Strategy) and Pure Bread strategies. Now you can run all of these strategies at one low price and gain access to the entire BreadBytes collection.

Cinnamon Toast:

Cinnamon Toast is a cutting-edge algorithmic trading bot specifically designed for intraday scalping of Ethereum. The bot leverages advanced technical analysis algorithms and real-time market analysis to identify profitable trading opportunities and execute trades with speed and precision, capturing small price movements and generating consistent profits over short periods. With its user-friendly interface and customizable settings, Cinnamon Toast is the perfect tool for Ethereum traders looking to maximize their returns in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.

Cosmic Cupcake:

Cosmic Cupcake is an advanced algorithmic trading bot tailored for intraday trading of ATOM, the cryptocurrency unique to the Cosmos network. Employing cutting-edge technical analysis techniques, this strategy examines market data in real-time, pinpointing profitable buy and sell opportunities. For those new to ATOM, it's important to note that the asset is highly volatile. This volatility increases trading opportunities, catering to both Long and Short positions.

Short Bread:

Short Bread is a long/short combo strategy that trades on Ethereum, this bot has elements of day and swing trading incorporated into it.

Sometimes it will take several trades per day, other times it may hold on to a trade for several days before exiting. The custom technical analysis indicators we use for this bot are designed to identify low and high points intraday and flip between long and short dependent on the indicator triggers we have setup. This bot will primarily flip between long and short positions, so it may hold a short or hold a long until the opposite end of the trade presents itself. This bot has a feature called Multiple Time Frame Analysis, not seen in any other bot on the market. This strategy can look at multiple time frames and make sure the trend is strong in either direction before entering a trade.

Pure Bread:

Pure Bread is a sophisticated algorithmic trading bot designed exclusively for swing trading of DOGE. Using state-of-the-art analytical tools, Pure Bread scours market trends over extended periods to detect favorable entry and exit points. For those new to DOGE, it's important to note that the asset is highly volatile. This characteristic makes it ideal for swing trades, offering opportunities for both bullish and bearish stances.

Trading Limit: Uncapped
Available Leverage: 1x-5x
Volatility Risk: Low
Max Drawdown: 7.5%
*As of 7/12/23

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